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Centretronic Digital & Mobile Video Security

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Centretronic Digital and Mobile Video Security (Video Vigilancia Movil) have offices in Vancouver, Canada, Mexico City, Mexico and Hong Kong. CD/MVS is a premier provider of mobile security video systems and technology to the Americas. We work with government, security agencies, public transportation and commercial transportation companies to provide technology, integration, systems development, deployment, training and support.

We Offer:

  • Mobile streaming video & recording (DVR/PC/IP)
  • Mobile streaming audio & recording (DVR/PC/IP)
  • Capture video day or night (DVR/PC/IP)
  • Mobile video emergency event recording (DVR/PC/IP)
  • Mobile real-time video emergency event broadcast (DVR/PC/IP)
  • Track patrol cars/vehicles via GPRS/Satellite GPS
  • ANPR/LPR integrated platforms for both mobile and fixed applications
  • Mobile and Fixed 3G-Based Megapixel RADAR
  • Excellent analysis software.
  • Integrated Googleâ„¢ Maps, no license fees
  • Integrated RFID solutions
  • Integrated Biometric solutions
We also offer resale and distribution for our consumer products. If you are interested in retail sales please contact us.

If you are interested in purchasing any our products or services for the US or Canada please contact us.