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MVS has a camera for every occasion. If fact, several cameras per location depending on specific requirements. From established manufacturers as well as next generation manufacturers like Pixim. As you will see on our site we have every type of camera for mobile surveillance from mini covert cameras to roof mounted military spec cameras in IR, Laser and Thermal. Our cameras are all best-of-breed, chosen for manufacturing quality, performance and price. An unbeatable combination. When you need to get your man...or woman...we give you the most effective tools.
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1 Smart PTZ Tracking Controller
2 Smart Auto Tracking PTZ Cameras
3 Smart PTZ IR Cameras
4 Smart Mini PTZ Cameras
5 Police High Speed PTZ Infra-Red Bullet Proof Camera
6 LED Array Cameras
7 ALPR Zoom Camera Sony FCB EX1020
8 Dash Zoom Camera Sony FCB EX20D
9 Police High Speed PTZ Infra-Red Camera