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Live Video Facial Recogntion

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The next generation of computer-assisted video surveillance

MVS is very happy to announce the addition of the Cognitec's world-leading facial recognition scanning algorithm techmology to its growing list of mobile and fixed security solutions.

Our VideoScan system automatically scans incoming video streams from fixed or mobile video cameras in patrol cars, detects multiple faces and checks for possible "watch list" matches. If a match is found, operators are notified - in real time – allowing them to focus on the identified person instead of simultaneously observing multiple video screens.

The latest release of VideoScan combines the leading face recognition technology with state-of-the art camera and computer equipment. When used in conjunction with our Hand-Held Biometric scanner police and security forces have the most complete and comprehensive biometric solution on the market.


  • Real time face tracking on multiple video streams
  • Real time probe face comparison against "watch list"
  • Real time alarm notification and recording
  • Interactive and batch enrollment
  • Enrollment from still image, still image camera and live video stream on manual and automatic mode
  • High scalability in terms of "watch list" size, number of video streams and number of visible faces

Technical Information
  • Supports firewire, USB cameras and frame grabber connected cameras through DirectShow interface
  • Supports IP and GigEVision cameras
  • Runs on Windows 2003 Server / XP & Windows 2008 Server
  • Runs on Linux SLES 9 / 10
  • Requires SQL database
  • Oracle 10g /11g is recommended