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The Complete Mobile Police Security Platform

Mobile Video Security is pleased to announce the launch of the complete security/surveillance platform for police forces in Mexico, US and Canada. Our platform is 100% mobile, modular and scalable. It is designed as an open platform where possible to allow for additional integration of third party technology and, where possible, backwards compatible with existing police systems. Every component and software application in our package is state-of-the-art and industry leading. We have made no compromises in our technology selection or integration. The platform is scalable and future-proof. MVS also offers a buy-back program when upgrading to newer technology as we continue to develop and expand our systems.

While the technology we offer is available separately, and in different form factors, from other providers, MVS has taken special care in applying the technology to meet the needs of police. In the case of our MDVR, LPR and Facial Recognition technology it can be operated completely hands-free. In other words when an officer turns the car on the systems immediately boot up automatically and function with no interaction from the officer and immediately starts communicating with the C4 rooms. The systems offer the highest security and multi-level password access and secure communication.

In the case of the LPR/DVR package when a patrol car registers a "hotlist hit" the system sends an alarm to the C4 room automatically allowing Commanders the ability to log on to the car and watch the event live on up to 4 video cameras. At the same time they can download the event to their laptop or PC or log on to the vehicle in real-time and download the high quality version of the event. The same applies to the Alarm button at the fingertips of the officer in the patrol car. If the officer is in any danger or suspects he/she might be in danger or require additional support they just have to press the alarm button and the C4 room has immediate knowledge of the situation and can control backup in a much more effective manner.

The platform consists of the following modules:
(for more detail visit the specific product pages)

Mobile Video Digital Recorder:

  • 4 Cameras/Channels full D1 video quality
  • Dual-stream H.264 compression. Records in Full D1 and streams up to Full D1 depending on bandwith
  • 5 Channels Audio and listen-in or 2-way audio
  • 1TB storage
  • 3G and WiFi connectivity for real-time video streaming and remote configuration
    (4G connectivity with our police router)


Our LPR system is the fastest, most efficient, most accurate and, most importantly, the most cost effective LPR solution available on the market today. It consists of the following:

  • 2 High speed (200+ KPH) JellyBean cameras. Full day/night operation. Each camera consists of a color overview and an IR plate capture camera.
  • 1 Low to Medium speed Sony EX1020 zoom camera (parking lot, street cruising etc.)
  • 1 Internal 4 Channel high speed video frame grabber
  • 1 External 4 Channel High Speed video frame grabber
  • *1 Mini PC: i5, 4GB RAM, 64GB Industrial quality SSD, Windows 7 Ultimate Spanish Edition
  • 1 10.4" 800cd/m2, 5-Wire, rugged high brightness or 12.1" 1,000 cd/m2 5-wire rugged touch screen.
  • 1 Rugged, military grade, compact keyboard (optional as the LPR and DVR can be configured to run automatically with no human intervention)
  • 1 Secure lock box installation to prevent system access in vehicles
* Police will soon have the option of choosing between the Mini PC package or an All-In-One PC model with the same high-brightness screen options for the same price.

Biometric Hand Scanner

The Biometric Hand Scanner gives the officers the capability of confirming identities on the spot. It offers Facial, Iris, Fingerprint and ID card scanning all in one compact, hand-held form factor. It can communicate in real-time with C4 room databases ensuring up-to-the-minute accuracy. It communicates via WiFi with the patrol car.

Mobile Facial Recognition

The Mobile Facial Recognition module comes with 1 video stream processing license. It is capable of up to 4 stream/cameras per patrol car. It shares the Sony 1020 dash camera with the LPR offering double duty and keeping costs down. This module is an ideal solution when operating in surveillance mode. With a 436x zoom officers can scan crowds and crime scenes and target locations from a safe distance and do face matching in real-time.

Police Grade Mobile Router

Our police 4 port, rugged, WiFi/4G router offers a WiFi communication distance from the patrol car up to 225 meters. It offers connectivity for all devices required empowering officers like never in the past. With 4G high-speed cellular service our router truly converts every patrol car into a fully functioning mobile C2 room. If the patrols are operating in a WiMax Mesh Network environment we can add a WiMax communication module giving the patrol cars fail-over communication capability.

The complete platform has a suggested retail price of $45,000 US. Quantity discounts available as well as modular pricing. The system can be broken down into separate, custom configurable, modules. We offer the modules in a DVR surveillance package, LPR solution, Biometric solution, Live Facial Recognition Solution or any combination thereof.

Contact MVS for a custom configuration or system quote.