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Mobile Digital Video Recorder

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The M-DVR is a cost-effective, functional and scalable in-vehicle device designed purely for video surveillance and remote monitoring of mobile assets. It uses a high-speed processor with embedded Linux platform and combines the most advanced IT processes such as H.264 Video Compression/Decompression, networking and GPS positioning technology. The MS1 enables CIF, HD1 and D1 video formats. Drivers' driving information, recording and wireless data are stored on the internal 500GB Hard Drive. The MSP centric software platform (CMS) provides the back-end server services with links to a Central Alarm monitoring system for remote management and playback analysis. The M-DVR provides powerful auto black box features, installation flexibility and high reliability.

Attention to detail

As you can see from the picture below our M-DVR has an excellent design. Air Connectors for the most stable camera and microphone connections, and all of the expansion ports you need.


  • 1 - 4 cameras
  • Multi camera simultaneous recording and playback
  • Records when vehicle is in motion or parked (stationary)
  • Record by alarm, specific time, date or continuous
  • Up to 200 Hrs continuous recording at D1 video quality


  • Build-in GPS Module
  • Longitude and Latitudes co-ordinates recording
  • Map display via Google Maps
  • Vehicle Number, Date, Time and Speed stamping


  • Captures both static and mobile video data
  • Dual Stream D1 quality on all 4 cameras
  • Camera options for covert surveillance


Live Video Streaming via 3G

Our CMS allows you to monitor from 1 to 36 cameras or cameras and car combinations.

With our CMS you can watch the cameras on one screen and drag the live GPS tracking map to another screen so you can watch the videos and vehicle movement simultaneously. You can track up to 64 vehicles live on one instance of the tracking screen.