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Satellite GPS

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HS-GPS is an intelligent switch for tracking devices, with an integrated Orbcomm Modem. Depending on the terrestrial network status (GSM / GPRS or other cell network) of the tracking device, HS-SAT manages connections to the Orbcomm network and sends messages through it, typically—but not limited to—geographical coordinates. As soon as coverage from terrestrial network is regained, it simply disconnects from Orbcomm network and stops sending data through it.

  • Serial port (RS-232 levels) to interface to Terrestrial Network Tracking device.
  • Additional Serial Port (RS-232 levels) to connect more external devices or for debugging purposes.
  • Compatible with any Terrestrial Tracking Device (via AT commands).
  • Fully Orbcomm compliant Satellite Modem integrated.
  • GPS integrated (optional).
  • Powered via 12V battery.
  • Extremely low monthly fee as backup system for Terrestrial Tracking devices.