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Centretronic and Mobile Video Security have developed a modular and scalable platform for mobile police applications. We call it the MC2R, for Mobile C2 Room.

The basic module is the M-DVR 4-Channel D1 video/audio recorder with dual H.264 streaming for high quality archiving and best live video streaming to Command Centers. Our partnership with Huawei assures our customers of the best 3G/4G communication standard. In the field our DVR is incomparable for its feature set and functionality for surveillance applications.

The second module in our platform is the ANPR/LPR solution. This cost-effective solution is highly accurate and flexible. In addition to being the top-rated LPR system in the US and Europe it is designed to fit almost any budget. Unlike the competition you have the option of using the system with laptop, All-in-One pc or a mini pc. You also have the widest range of camera options from high-speed, high reliability dual color/IR cameras to standard Sony module cameras like the EX490 or the EX1020 series. This means you can share the road with the DVR to keep costs down. The LPR is also integrated with the DVR. When you get a high priority hit on a license plate the LPR triggers the MDVR to also send an alert enabling Commanders to log on to the vehicles in real-time to view the situation as it unfolds.

One of the keys to our MC2 platform is our state-of-the-art communications module. Our powerful and compact router has 4 or 5 network fail-over based on all possible scenarios with 3G/4G, WiMax and WiFi. Our WiFi range is over 750' from the vehicle which means you have the capability of utilizing best-of-breed biometric devices for suspect identification. Hand-held fingerprint and facial recognition devices work superbly exchanging data in real-time with Command Centers and C4/C2 rooms. Our, soon to be released, module router gives us an effective range and bandwidth increase of 65% and 26% better upload and download respectively capability. This extends the range of the vehicle significantly over current devices on the market.

We haven't stopped there. Our new hybrid Satellite GPS solution gives police 100% coverage in Mexico. The HS-GPS works in conjunction with our GPRS GPS modules and only kicks in when the vehicles are out of GPRS range. This allows 24/7 tracking in any geographic region while reducing the costs of Satellite GPS significantly.

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