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VVM-JetServer is an advanced vehicle logging and image database management system that has wide appeal for government and commercial clients for roads, highways, parking lots, high security sites etc. The system is fully interactive and provides audible and visual alerts with 'action messages' for police and security staff. It is also ideal for Parking Lot Access Control and can automatically open barriers or control LED displays for known vehicles.

The system works equally well with all types of traffic. The program consists of two parts: JetServer Live and JetServer Review. JetServer Live is the heart of the ALPR system - it monitors traffic via ALPR cameras and logs any passing vehicles. It uses an proprietary database to look up license plates as the vehicle approaches and displays any information available - e.g. Driver Name, Image of Driver, Vehicle Make / Model and any specific instructions for the user - e.g. "Check Pass" etc. The system can record multiple color overview images of the car and driver from standard CCTV cameras as the plate is captured. This adds an extra layer of security to the system. A database of users / employees may be generated in say Excel or Access and imported into JetServer.

All-In-One Laptop Mini PC
VVM's LPR solution is very flexible. It can run on a stand-alone PC, laptop or All-In-One PC. This gives the client the most flexible and cost effective solution on the market today. You can take advantage of existing platforms* or choose the most appropriate platform for your application whether it be high-speed patrol car or fixed security.

Camera Options:

High Speed
Dual Color/IR
Sony EX1020
432x Zoom
Sony EX490,
IR w/18x Zoom
Parking Lots/Streets
* Must meet certain specifications.